Access Your Medical Records Securely - Anywhere

Zaptag is your own secure online personal health record account for all your health information. It puts you in control of your health.

The unique system enables you to build your health picture online which you can then share securely with your trusted health partners. Bringing your records together is easy - you update your known information yourself, and connect with your health providers such as your doctor, specialist or optician to request them to upload records and contribute to your health picture.

Then all your records are available, whenever you need them, and wherever you are.

Zaptag empowers you to have greater control over your health by having your information available when you need it. It enables your health providers to make more informed health decisions based on your essential medical information.


Be safer when you are away with your health information such as medications, vaccinations and emergency contacts together with travel documents including insurance documents and vaccination certificates at your fingertips. Your essential information available whatever happens, 24/7.

Share Your Records

A Zaptag account is a great way to manage your health information and a key benefit of the system is the ability to share records to obtain advice of second opinions.

You can share selected records with your various healthcare providers for real time health advice. So a scan from one clinic can be sent to another with you in control. You control who you share records with and for how long their access will last. Once reviewed, the provider can post a response back to your account.

You can add your own network of health providers to your account or search our registered health provider lists.

The sharing function makes it easy for you to get the right health advice based on your health picture.

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Doctors Contribute

Having your health providers contributing information is a valuable way of building your health picture online and with Zaptag it is easy and secure.

Doctors can upload consultations, test results x-rays and scans to your account using the secure Doctor portal. A few simple steps allows doctors to provide you with access to your records online.

If you have regular wellness and screening check-ups, your results can be available in the future so your health providers can note any changes in your profile.

Having your latest information available enables you to adopt a proactive approach to your health.

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Your Emergency Record

Have your essential information available in an emergency by creating your Emergency Record. Simply select information from your account to be available to emergency first responders; Be safer in an emergency and carry your emergency card so medical staff can always access priority information.

Your critical medical information is immediately available to medical staff through a standard browser in an emergency or on a mobile device.

Doctors / First Responders view your Emergency Record by visiting the Emergency Access portal at and entering your Zaptag ID, Surname and Date of Birth

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Improve Your Health

Know Yourself and your numbers with the Zaptag Wellness Centre. You can track and manage your health numbers like blood pressure, blood sugar and weight. Set up alerts for frequency of readings and personal goals for weight and exercise.

Mobile Access

The Zaptag e-safe application has been built to work across different devices. The application works across all major browsers, tablets and smartphones. Simply bookmark the page from your smartphone or tablet and add the bookmark to your home screen.