Build, Share and Manage

Your Zaptag account to take control of your health

Step 1 Build

Your health profile with your secure Zaptag account

Add your personal information, create health, travel and insurance records and upload files. Select records to populate your Emergency Record.

Step 2 Share

it with your network of trusted healthcare professionals

Use the sharing folders within your Zaptag account to select records to share with your trusted network of healthcare professionals. This could be records you have created yourself such as immunisation dates or records that have been contributed by any of your healthcare providers (e.g a scan or consultation). From the sharing folder function you can either select health professionals you have previously added to your trusted network list to share information with or invite a new provider to add to your list to share information with. To invite your trusted healthcare providers to view/add records to account by adding them as a health professional directly in your account and they will receive an email with their Zaptag Health Portal login details. Alternatively or you can ask them contact us at [email protected] and will create their account on your behalf. From here they can login to the system via the Health Portal and view/contribute records to your health account. They will need your name, Zaptag ID and date of birth to add records to your account.

Step 3 Manage

and update your personal profile over time to take control of your health

Your Zaptag account has many additional features including the ability to add alerts, weights and measurements, next of kin details and can store an unlimited amount of data. Over time you can continue to add, edit and delete your health records, travel and wellness information. You have full control over your Zaptag account and can change the sharing settings, delete health providers from your trusted network and add new ones as and when your medical needs change.