We enable health professionals to connect with their patients

Uploading Records

As a healthcare professional you can upload records directly to an individual's online personal Zaptag account.

  • Uploading a record is a quick, easy and a secure process.
  • Using your normal browser, you can create a record, attach files and upload them securely into an online account.
  • Information can, for example include vaccinations, consultation notes, blood results and x-ray images.
  • Our application enables any Microsoft Word, PDF or image file to be added to a new or existing Zaptag account.


  • Zaptag provides a simple and secure solution to encourage individuals to take ownership of their health information.
  • Permits the sharing of health information with various medical practitioners.
  • Doctors are provided with a more detailed and improved picture of their patient's amalgamated health details.
  • A few simple steps allows you to provide your patients with access to their records online.
  • There is no software to buy, no new equipment needed. All you need is a browser.
  • Using your existing patient record management system, it is a quick and secure alternative to printing a hard copy of a record.


To get started NOW, call our registration team on 08456 120510, email us at [email protected] or sign up directly yourself here. You will be given a Zaptag ID for accessing the Zaptag Doctor Portal.

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