Zaptag Health Cloud

Zaptag empowers individuals to take control of their health by building their health picture online, sharing it with their trusted network of health providers and managing the health outcomes over time. We are changing the way people take control of their health with the Zaptag Health Cloud.

Through the cloud you can link your favourite health and fitness apps, devices and sensors into your own Zaptag account to seamlessly store, view, analyse and share your results with your friends, family and your network of trusted healthcare providers. This enables you to have all your health data contained in one, secure place online - the Zaptag Health Cloud.

Managing all your health data in one place like this helps you track and monitor improvements easier and quicker and you can share vital data with your healthcare providers (doctor, consultant, insurer) to ensure they have access to your latest health data. This enables them to provide the best possible care for you and it keeps you in control of your own health.

The account is private to you and you have the ability to share elements with your trusted health partners. You can record your emergency first responders. Be safer in an emergency emergency card so medical staff can always access designated emergency information.

Apps, Devices & Sensors already integrating into the Zaptag Health Cloud

Fitbit apps, devices and sensors motivate you to stay active, live better and reach your goals.

Withings apps and health devices help you turn long-term health goals including weight, activity, heart and sleep into small achievable targets by tracking progress weekly.

Consultant and Facilities Finder - Find Bupa recognised consultants / specialists, hospitals, care homes and other facilities.

Zaptag Health Cloud API for App Developers

Join the rapidly growing list of apps, devices and sensors compatible with the Zaptag Health Cloud.Integrating with the Zaptag Health Cloud API allows developers to create new applications that deliver real health benefits to the end user.

We are always looking to expand our app partners and can integrate your existing app into the Zaptag Health Cloud. We can also help you to develop a new app that will be of benefit to your customers.

Email [email protected] to apply to join the Zaptag Health Cloud API today.